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Universal Car Phone Holder

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Color: Black


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[product name]: car multi-function mobile phone holder 

[product color]: black 

[Product size] : Panel width 50mm elongation can be up to 100mm (suction cup diameter is 68mm) 

[product material] : ABS, PP, PVC

[product net weight] : 170g 

[product gross weight]: 230g 

[product packaging]: 1pcs / hanging card 

[Outer box size] : 74×51×39.5cm 

[Outer box entry number]: 100pcs/ctn

[suitable models]: universal type; 

suitable for mobile phones with width 50-100mm 

 【installation method】: 

 1, can be installed on the instrument panel; 

2, can be installed on the windshield;   

3, new materials, safe and comfortable! 

  【Precautions】: For safety, please check if the product is loose before driving. If it is necessary, please fix it to avoid danger when driving.

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